Thursday, July 13, 2006

Procedure Repellant

Category: Clinical Rotations

Procedures? Not when I'm around, baby. No siree. I'm thinking I emit a sort of pheromone which mysteriously keeps away patients in need of the following: chest tubes, central lines, arterial lines, even stitches for Pete's sake.

But today was different. I got to remove two stitches!! Unbelievable!! Never mind that people remove stitches from their pets and themselves all the time with no trouble at all and no need for a dumb ol' doctor. I had instruments in my hand, today, darnit. And for about two seconds, I did something.

The people at the hospital I'm rotating in are great about letting students get it on procedures. So, it's not like nobody will let us do anything. There's one of my fellow students here in particular that attracts procedures and has gotten to do quite a bit. And I don't stand around and wait for stuff to fall in my lap either. I've tried to be proactive and say things like, "Will you guys call me if you do a [fill in the blank]?" Nothing.

I'm not a procedure-happy gal. I can be pretty clumsy when it comes to even simple things like stitching and injections, so sometimes the prospect of procedures (especially real procedures) makes me nervous. I wonder if maybe I'm avoiding them subconciously? really don't think so. I'm getting too irritated about not getting to do anything.

If you ever hear of a doctor who doesn't sew, inject, splint, cut, or stick, it's probably me. (sigh)


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