Friday, July 07, 2006

The Problem with Choosing a Specialty

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I've already eluded to this in an earlier entry, but I was utterly relieved to finally figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was probably being a drama queen and a big fat baby, but I was convinced I was never going to find the love of my life and that I would be doomed to practice medicine in misery for the rest of my days.

The fact that I've chosen Pediatrics is strange because depending on my mood, when asked whether or not I'd consider it as a specialty, I'd either wrinkle up my nose and say, "Nah...I don't think I'm too interested in that," or "Good Lord no! Are you insane? Nasty, squawling little kids?"
Go figure.

Bu anyway, t the problem I've run into is this: I don't care nearly as much about learning other things now. At least when I didn't have a clue, I went into each rotation with an open mind, wondering if that rotation would be "the one." Thankfully, most of my core rotations are over. I just have to finish ER and I have Surgery in the winter, and the rest of the year is full of electives and subspecialties. So I guess I can say I entered most of my core rotations with an open mind.

I wonder how people who figure out what they want to do early on in their rotations have the discipline to make themselves learn about other stuff? All I want to do now is read Pediatrics so I can look terribly brilliant and impressive and wonderful when I do my electives. Silly, huh? I need to be studying more for boards and trying to get what I can about my ER rotation.

In short, I guess there's something to be said for both sides. Finding your passion early on is probably a great feeling. You can go ahead and look into student electives and residency programs, and have the knowledge you've at least found one thing you like. The downside is that it may be difficult giving 100% in your other rotations. Not figuring out your specialty till late can be so frustrating, but I think it forces you to be more open minded.

I think I'd rather find out early. The not knowing nearly drove me nuts.


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